Joule Logic was formed in 2009 to provide engineering advice to the renewable energy industry to facilitate greater renewable energy penetration into the Australian electricity market. Since then, Joule Logic has expanded its skills base beyond engineering to include experienced professionals in environmental science, land use planning and ecology. All Joule Logic staff are passionate about their work and demonstrate significant experience in their field.


Joule Logic has extensive experience across all stages of the renewable development project lifecycle, including hydro-electric projects, single wind turbine installations and utility scale wind farm and solar projects. Joule Logic staff have been involved in many Australian renewable energy projects and are intimately familiar with the Australian renewables environment.

Joule Logic services include renewables project development, environmental impact assessment and environmental management, investment due diligence and project support. Our skills are readily applicable to areas outside the renewables industry and our staff have worked in the mining, construction, forestry, processing and manufacturing industries.

We are committed to making a difference in our local community and own and operate a wind turbine on Flinders Island which produces 25% of the Island’s electricity. This has reduced diesel usage at the local power station by an average of 250,000 litres per year. We have completed several renewable generation projects in Tasmania and have more in the pipeline.

Joule Logic is a Registered Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) agent with a REC Registry Account with the Clean Energy Regulator. Joule Logic can assist owners to correctly create RECs in the REC registry, sell the RECs and comply with the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and supporting regulations. Joule Logic aggregates and sells Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) from our own projects and projects owned by others.


  • Site Identification

  • Site Feasibility Studies

  • Wind Resource Monitoring and Assessment

  • Energy Modelling

  • Turbine Selection

  • Constructability and Balance of Plant Design

  • Post Construction Energy Validation

  • Sector Management Review and Optimisation

  • End of Warranty Condition Audit

  • Repowering Business Case Preparation

  • Root Cause Analysis Engineering Studies


  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Planning and Environmental Approval Processes

  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Environmental Auditing

  • Environmental Compliance Management

  • Environmental and Planning Due Diligence

  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Ecological Studies and Management

  • Fauna Survey Design and Management

  • Listed Species Management and Wind Farms


  • Independent Energy Model Validation

  • Asset Audit of Major Component Condition

  • Contract Preparation and Review

  • Financial Modelling and Market Risk Determination

  • Transmission and Congestion Analysis

  • Design Life Equivalence Studies

  • Connection Agreements

  • Power Purchasing Agreements and Review


  • Turbine Supply Program Support

  • Preferred Supplier Procurement Strategy

  • Supply Contract Review

  • Warranty, Operations and Maintenance Agreement Review

  • Connection Agreement Review

  • Market Benchmarking and Predictive Price Indexing

  • Registered REC Agent

  • Technology Trend Analysis